When Should I Install a Paver Patio?

The best time to start thinking about installing a paver patio is now! Paver patios are a highly customizable hardscape option for your property, where we can give you inexpensive and attractive design options that can last a lifetime. Paver patios can be made from a multitude of different materials such as brick, concrete, stone, slate, and granite pavers. Paver patios are 100% customizable and can be great spaces for personal use and 0to entertain guests. Plus, paver patios are low maintenance, easy to repair, and a bonus is they can increase the resale value of your property. Does this sound like something that would interest you? If so, Motivational Landscaping would love to help you design and install the perfect paver patio right now! Yes, in the middle of November! It really is a common misconception that the best time to invest in your landscaping and hardscaping is during the warmer months of spring and summer, but in the Cincinnati area temperatures are mild enough to install your dream outdoor living space in the fall and winter months as well.

Here are five reasons why you should start planning your paver patio now before spring is here again:

  1. There are fewer chances of harming your current landscaping in the fall/winter months since their vegetation cycles are in a dormant state.
  2. After your paver patios installed, it is ready to be used as soon as it is complete, and you don’t have to wait to use it even if the temperatures are cold. This is perfect if you incorporate an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, as the cooler months are among the best time for these features.
  3. It does not rain much in the cooler months of the year. That means the construction process will be less muddy and messy than it would be during the spring when rain is always present.
  4. The waitlist for paver patios is shorter during the cooler months. Since it’s a common misconception that paver patios can’t be installed until the spring, people usually don’t prioritize their landscaping/hardscaping during the fall and winter. At Motivational Landscaping, we will be able to get to your property faster now than during those popular spring months, which comes as a great advantage to you.
  5. Construction in the fall/winter months would be less apt to inconvenience your use of the space. You often use your outdoor space more in the spring than you use it in the winter. When the weather warms up in the spring, you’ll want to enjoy your yard as soon as possible, and how nice would that be to have a complete paver patio before spring is here?

If you’re looking for an affordable, durable, and easy-to-maintain hardscape, then a paver patio is a solid choice that gives you a great return on your investment. Paver patios can create walkways throughout a property, add stairs to get from one portion of the property to another, add benches for additional seating, create walls and barriers for landscaping, and so much more. There are endless options for paver patios. Here at Motivational Landscaping, we work with you to customize a paver patio and outdoor living space of any size that meets your vision, budget, and lifestyle. We have hundreds of customizable plans, but we are always looking to create a design for an ideal yard based on your own creative ideas and wishes for your property. We work with top-tier manufacturers that offer a variety of paver designs to create the perfect outdoor oasis on your property. Do not wait until spring is here! Contact us for a free estimate on hardscaping installation today: 513-846-0069. We’d love to start your dream hardscaping project so you can enjoy your yard to its fullest potential.