Fall’s Finest: Plants to Transform Your Fall Landscaping with Motivational Landscaping


As the days grow shorter and the air turns crisper, the season of autumn offers a unique opportunity to infuse your landscaping with a burst of vibrant colors and a touch of cozy charm. At Motivational Landscaping, we believe that every season presents a chance to transform outdoor spaces into captivating havens, and fall is no exception. Discover the plants that thrive during this enchanting time and how they can elevate your fall landscaping to match the season’s splendor.


Chrysanthemums (Mums):

Fall wouldn’t be complete without the star of the season – chrysanthemums. These hardy, colorful flowers come in various shades like rich reds, warm oranges, and deep purples. Planted in flower beds, pots, or hanging baskets, mums bring a burst of life to any space. Their versatility and resilience make them a favorite for creating captivating focal points.


Ornamental Grasses:

The graceful movement of ornamental grasses adds a touch of elegance to fall landscapes. Their feathery plumes sway gently in the autumn breeze, casting an enchanting spell over your garden. The warm hues of grasses like miscanthus and feather reed grass complement the season’s color palette, adding texture and height to your outdoor setting.


Japanese Maples:

With their exquisite foliage that transforms into shades of red, orange, and burgundy, Japanese maples bring a sense of artistry to your garden. These small trees thrive in cooler temperatures, making them an ideal addition to fall landscapes. Whether planted as a stand-alone feature or amidst other plants, their striking beauty is sure to capture attention.



Sedums, commonly known as stonecrop, are a fall favorite due to their late-season blooms. Their star-shaped flowers appear in hues ranging from pink to copper, attracting pollinators while other plants fade away. Their succulent leaves also add a unique texture that complements the changing scenery.


Witch Hazel:

Adding a touch of fragrance to the fall air, witch hazel boasts delicate, ribbon-like flowers that bloom even as leaves begin to fall. With colors ranging from gold to deep red, these shrubs offer a stunning contrast to the backdrop of changing foliage.


Fall Foliage Trees:

Trees such as sugar maples, sweetgums, and red oaks showcase the true essence of fall with their captivating foliage. The rich reds, fiery oranges, and deep yellows they don create a breathtaking spectacle. These trees not only transform your landscape but also provide shade and a sense of seasonal serenity.


Purple Beautyberry:

The purple beautyberry is a true showstopper in the fall garden. Clusters of vibrant, purple berries emerge against the backdrop of green foliage, creating a unique and eye-catching display. These berries not only add aesthetic appeal but also attract birds, bringing life and motion to your outdoor space.


Let the hues of fall inspire your creativity as you plan your landscaping with these resilient and captivating plants. Motivational Landscaping is here to assist you in crafting an outdoor space that not only fits the season but also invigorates your spirit. Contact us today to embark on a journey of fall transformation that reflects the natural beauty of this enchanting time of year.