Are you having problems with flooding, sloped land, dying plants, or a lack of functional space in your commercial or residential property? If so, having Motivational Landscaping install a retaining wall can benefit and combat those issues. Here’s a rundown on common issues that retaining walls can aid to fix:

Control Water Flow and Flooding
Retaining walls can be a helpful addition if you experience flooding in areas of your property. When water is running down a sloped area towards the bottom of that slope an over-accumulation of water often occurs. This can make your yard difficult for functional use or even worse it could cause rotting to plants or fixtures on or around your property/buildings. At Motivational Landscaping, we will create a retaining wall that can strategically redirect the water flow to nearby sewers or runoff areas.

 Add Property Value and Raise Curb Appeal
The materials you choose to use for your retaining wall can make your landscaping more attractive and tie together with the rest of your property. Using natural stones, bricks, concrete blocks, and poured concrete, we can design and create a unique touch for your property. Not only is this giving your yard a more attractive appearance, but this can also raise the value of your property with the added functionality this brings to the space.

 Add Functional Space
Adding a retaining wall can benefit different spaces of land in many ways. As mentioned previously, adding these walls can give your more flexibility in ways to use your property. One of those ways is by creating an area of flat land. A retaining wall can take a sloped area and convert it into a flat level. Flat land is often more useful than sloped land, as this can give you the ability to build large structures, add furniture, add shrubs, or use the flat land for activities. Another way retaining walls can help your sloped property is by cutting the slope into steps made by a series of retaining walls, and this is called terracing. Terracing helps cut the costs of maintaining a sloped yard and is far easier to maintain having those retaining walls. Terracing can be great for farmland as well as commercial and residential properties. Functional space is different for everybody, but by adding flat land or terracing, you have the flexibility to use your land in a way that benefits you and your property best. Whether that’s setting up a basketball court or planting tomatoes, at Motivational Landscaping we will work with your needs to customize a retaining wall that can help you utilize your land for many purposes.

 Prevent Erosion
Without a retaining wall, sloped properties are more prone to erosion. Excess water that runs downhill overtime erosion can cause many issues for your yard. Erosion can cause sinkholes, strip your yard of topsoil and nutrients, cause foundational damage, ruin grass and plants, and all around look unattractive. Adding a retaining wall is one of the best resistances against erosion problems and can prevent those eyesores by adding an uplifted curb appeal.

Promote Healthy Landscaping and Gardening
Keeping plants alive can sometimes be a struggle if your soil isn’t assisting in the process of proper water drainage. Since retaining walls help combat erosion and flooding, this will help create a safe and healthy environment for flowers, shrubs, trees, and crops to grow. At Motivational Landscaping, we will customize and recommend the best retaining wall for your overall landscaping and gardening goals. Contact us for a free estimate on a retaining wall or landscape design.

Maintain Property Boundaries
Do you ever have a problem with where your property ends, or do your neighbors encroach on your property often? -Well, if so, a retaining wall can be a great alternative over a fence or can be used in conjunction with a fence. While this is not a leading reason people choose to install retaining walls, this is an additional way to keep unwanted predators from walking in areas of your property. Retaining walls are not only useful in terms of water drainage, landscaping, and curb appeal, but they also can add a barrier of security. 

All in all, retaining walls are known for providing relief for flood control, but there is so much more to what a retaining wall can do for your property. A well-built and planned retaining wall can enhance the overall appeal of your property alongside adding additional benefits to meet your needs. No matter the scale of your project, Motivational Landscaping, Hardscaping, & Trees in Cincinnati, OH is here to help. We handle stone wall design and building services to meet your exact specifications and budget. Call us today at 513-846-0069 for a free estimate on your project and we’ll get you in for an onsite consultation at the earliest opportunity.